Zoeva Makeup Brushes | Review

I really believe that a girl can never have too many makeup brushes. I have been utterly obsessed with brushes ever since I first started getting into makeup, and still to this day there’s nothing I enjoy quite as much as using a brand new brush for the very first time…! Continue reading “Zoeva Makeup Brushes | Review”

5 Things That Make Me Happy

Ah, January. To some it’s an exciting time to try new things, but for me (and I feel I speak for the majority…?) it’s not my favourite month, let’s just say. Christmas and New Year are over, we’re living off bread and butter thanks to festive splurges and summery sunshine seems a million days away. Continue reading “5 Things That Make Me Happy”

Zovea Mixed Metals Palette | Review

Having heard endless five star reviews about the Zoeva brush line I decided to take a trip to the sofa with my laptop and have a wee wander about their site. But instead of purchasing any brushes (the ones I was planning to purchase were sold out) I headed to the checkout with my virtual basket full of a few makeup products that I was really keen to try – one of which being the Mixed Metals Eyeshadow Palette! Continue reading “Zovea Mixed Metals Palette | Review”

Products Worth the Save | Eyes Edition

Out of all the steps involved in applying my makeup, the part that I enjoy the most just has to be eyes – blended shadow, neat liner and thicker and longer lashes are all features that I feel can really make a difference to my finished appearance. Continue reading “Products Worth the Save | Eyes Edition”

My Spring Beauty Essentials

Hi! Happy Saturday to you all!
I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend and that the sun’s made an appearance for you. Unfortunately I feel like winter’s crept back into the beautiful spring weather I was just getting used to! Continue reading “My Spring Beauty Essentials”