Urban Decay Colour Corrector – Pink | Review

The idea of colour correcting has become so big recently – every brand seems to be bringing out whacky primer and concealer colours claiming to completely correct every pimple, dark spot and red patch – but I never really spotted a colour corrector that particularly interested me until Urban Decay released their new range of Colour Correcting Fluids. Continue reading “Urban Decay Colour Corrector – Pink | Review”

August Favourites! | 2016

It feels as though I haven’t written a favourites post in the longest time, which is strange because they’re actually some of my favourite posts to share with you guys! Today I thought I’d gather up some beauty bits that I’ve been reaching for often throughout August and share just why I love them so very much. Continue reading “August Favourites! | 2016”

April Favourites | 2016

I’m so excited that May is finally here! I am so ready for some sunshine, and May really does seem to encourage the sun to peek out from behind the grey clouds that have pretty much hung over all of April.

Although not necessarily the best month when it comes to the weather, I’ve loved the makeup looks I managed to create over the past few weeks. Today I thought I’d share with you some of the products I used to muster up the face I’ve worn a lot recently! Continue reading “April Favourites | 2016”

My Everyday Makeup Collection

As pretty much every post of mine is centred around the biggest love in my life, makeup, I thought it was only right to share my beauty stash with you! Continue reading “My Everyday Makeup Collection”

Updated: Products worth the Splurge

Although Boots is my second home and I’m pretty sure that my heart will always belong in the depths of the drugstore, we all need a bit of luxury sometimes… Am I right?

I’d probably say that about 70% of my makeup stash is made up of affordable products, but in the last few years I’ve started to explore the realms of departments stores and found some real gems that I honestly do think are worth spending that little bit more on! Continue reading “Updated: Products worth the Splurge”