Zoeva Makeup Brushes | Review

I really believe that a girl can never have too many makeup brushes. I have been utterly obsessed with brushes ever since I first started getting into makeup, and still to this day there’s nothing I enjoy quite as much as using a brand new brush for the very first time…! Continue reading “Zoeva Makeup Brushes | Review”

My Tips & Tricks for Keeping Organised while Running a Blog

If you’d asked me at any point last autumn how my blogging was going, I would probably looked at you with a blank expression: ‘what blog?’, I would have asked. I didn’t post for a whole month and I was so disorganised with pretty much everything! I allowed life to completely get in the way of my posting schedule, routine and, most importantly, my motivation. Continue reading “My Tips & Tricks for Keeping Organised while Running a Blog”

The Ultimate Christmas Party Scent | Prada Candy

Hello everyone!

The Christmas party season is suddenly upon us, and I thought I’d share with you all my ultimate scent to wear during the festivities. Continue reading “The Ultimate Christmas Party Scent | Prada Candy”

Autumn Beauty Haul!

Before I begin, I want to apologise for being so MIA recently! Almost a whole month without blogging! Everything seemed to arrive at once and I just haven’t had a second to sit down… But I’m back now! 🙂

I feel like I haven’t hauled in so long! I really love sharing new bits and pieces that I have recently picked up with you guys as I feel like I can impart some of my excitement about them onto you, and hopefully inspire you to go shopping and have a little treat yo’ self moment. Continue reading “Autumn Beauty Haul!”

The Low-Down on NYX’s Lip Products | Loves and Loathes

Ever since NYX announced that they were coming to the UK, I camped outside my Boots store, purse in hand, just itching to be the first person at the shiny new stand (okay, so maybe I didn’t camp outside, but I sure was eager about getting my hands on some American goodies!). Continue reading “The Low-Down on NYX’s Lip Products | Loves and Loathes”