September Beauty Favourites

Hey gorgeous, how are you doing? Happy weekend! *woop woop*

Today I thought I’d share with you my beauty standouts for the month of September, because I’ve really encouraged myself to dig through my beauty draws and try out new things of a morning, instead of slapping on the same-old-same-old. Continue reading “September Beauty Favourites”

Products Worth the Save | Base Edition

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s halfway through the working week, which can only mean one thing… The weekend’s on its way!

As promised I’m back with my ‘products worth the save’ today (if you missed my ‘products worth the splurge’ last week, you can check that out here). However, instead of like my previous ‘products worth the save’ in which I included all of the affordable products I loved, I have so much to talk about this time round that I’m going to split it into base, eyes and lips. Continue reading “Products Worth the Save | Base Edition”

Updated: Products worth the Splurge

Although Boots is my second home and I’m pretty sure that my heart will always belong in the depths of the drugstore, we all need a bit of luxury sometimes… Am I right?

I’d probably say that about 70% of my makeup stash is made up of affordable products, but in the last few years I’ve started to explore the realms of departments stores and found some real gems that I honestly do think are worth spending that little bit more on! Continue reading “Updated: Products worth the Splurge”

August Beauty Favourites

As we’ve found ourselves on the very last day of August, and for us in the UK that also means the last official day of our our summer, I thought I’d round up my top picks from the month (and season) to share with you all! Continue reading “August Beauty Favourites”

Products worth the splurge

Hi everyone! I hope your week’s going okay so far!

As promised, I’ve got a ‘products worth the splurge’ for you today. Although I’m a drugstore girl at heart and Boots is like my second home, we all need a bit of luxury sometimes and that’s what today’s post is going to be all about! Continue reading “Products worth the splurge”