Zoeva Makeup Brushes | Review

I really believe that a girl can never have too many makeup brushes. I have been utterly obsessed with brushes ever since I first started getting into makeup, and still to this day there’s nothing I enjoy quite as much as using a brand new brush for the very first time…! Continue reading “Zoeva Makeup Brushes | Review”

Real Techniques Sculpting Set Review | Sculpting, Setting & Fan Brushes

I’ve been an avid user of Real Techniques brushes ever since I started to get into makeup. Pixiwoo are such a huge success on YouTube, and their beautiful tools have made their way into my everyday routine. I couldn’t live without my Blush Brush, I swear by their eye brushes and foundation never looks quite as good as it does with the Miracle Complexion Sponge.

I’m aware that the Sculpting Set has been out for a fair while now, but it wasn’t until recently that the brushes within the set have really blown up online. Continue reading “Real Techniques Sculpting Set Review | Sculpting, Setting & Fan Brushes”

RT Bold Metals // 100 Arched Powder Brush | Review

Just under a year ago, the Bold Metals line from Real Techniques were released, and being a total brush addict, I knew immediately that I needed them in my life.

If you’re after a luxury beauty brush, one glance and you’ll be sold – plush white bristles individually tapered, diamond handles, weighted ferrules, makeup-artist cuts and a variety of silver, gold and rose gold (yes, rose gold) designs completely drew me in, and no doubt some of you guys were intrigued too. Continue reading “RT Bold Metals // 100 Arched Powder Brush | Review”

‘Treat Yourself’ Beauty Splurge! | Part 1

As I’m sure that many of you have gathered by now, I’m rather partial to a spot of shopping… And throw some makeup into the equation and I’m pretty much unbearable. Love me a beauty spree! Continue reading “‘Treat Yourself’ Beauty Splurge! | Part 1”

August Beauty Favourites

As we’ve found ourselves on the very last day of August, and for us in the UK that also means the last official day of our our summer, I thought I’d round up my top picks from the month (and season) to share with you all! Continue reading “August Beauty Favourites”