My January Makeup Bag

I haven’t shared with you all the contents of my makeup bag for such a long time! I used to update this post quite often and keep you guys updated when the products changed, but I just haven’t done so in far too long so I thought I’d share my current stash with you. Continue reading “My January Makeup Bag”

My Current Everyday Makeup Bag

Seeing as I haven’t shared my updated makeup bag with you in over 6 months, I thought it was about time that I did just that! Since the last time I wrote about delving into the contents, my favourite products have changed a great deal so I can’t wait to share them with you! Continue reading “My Current Everyday Makeup Bag”

My holiday beauty bag

The summer here in the UK is at it’s peak time right now – the sun is still blasting through the window even though it’s nearly 8PM – and along with the summer sometimes comes a holiday away.

I was lucky enough to go away a few weeks ago and I thought it’d be nice to show you the contents of the makeup bag that I brought along with me, to maybe give you inspiration if you’re going away anytime soon. Continue reading “My holiday beauty bag”

The go-to products that take up my makeup bag

Hi again! How are you all doing? The week’s going pretty slowly for me so far but hopefully the sun’ll make an appearance to brighten everything up.

I went for a little weekend away up north a couple of weeks back, and obviously I took a bulging bag with me stuffed with my favourite makeup bits and bobs Continue reading “The go-to products that take up my makeup bag”

Updated: What’s in my makeup bag?

Hello again! How are you doing?

Way back in my first few months of blogging, I shared with you guys the contents of my makeup bag – and, well, I don’t think that one product in that old makeup bag is still carried around with me!

I’ve downsized the contents I carry hugely, as well as switching out most of the products.

It’s definitely time that I wrote an updated one for you all, so let’s get started!

jack wills makeup bag jack wills makeup bag

Okay, I’ll start off with my makeup bag. Last time I used a MAC one, but I’ve transferred to this Jack Wills one, as I prefer the colour and it also has that plastic-y material on the inside, so wiping spillages away is really easy.

benefit porefessional

First up, base products!

  • Benefit Porefessional – I keep this in here in case I need to redo my whole face (what with the wet weather, you never know when you’ll get drenched haha).
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer – I never top up foundation during the day because it’s rare that I need to – I just carry a concealer with me to touch up if my dark circles or blemishes start showing!
  • Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder – I just need to finish this powder! I’m not a big fan of it, but it’s been sitting in my stash for a whole and I’ve decided to use it up!
  • Benefit Hoola – This mini size is so handy! I’m a big fan of bronzer and like to keep on top of it.
  • MAC Dainty Blush – I mentioned this in a haul last week. It’s my new holy grail, it just adds so much life to my skin!
  • Benefit Highbeam – You can never use too much highlight, can you? This one’s my current favourite!
  • Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki – Again, I mentioned this in haul too! It’s just so handy for travel, because I know that the bristles won’t be damaged.

benefit they're real
Eyes-wise, I don’t carry too much really!

  • MAC Bare Study Paintpot – Cream eyeshadows are my favourite for on the go – just smudge them on your lids and buff the edges a little! Beautiful eyes, sorted in a flash.
  • Laura Geller GlamLASH – My favourite mascara at the moment, as mentioned in my January favourites! It just lengthens and separates amazingly.
  • Benefit They’re Real – I take this because it’s amazing for layering on other mascaras!
  • Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush – This brush is so multi-purposeful it’s ideal for on the go.

mac lipstick angel

And finally, lips. You know me, I can’t just take one!

  • MAC Angel – My favourite nude shade of all time! I like having a nude on me because they’re so easy to wear and you don’t need to worry about them smudging at all.
  • Estee Lauder Pink Patent – I carry this for the same reason as Angel – it’s such a pretty, natural pink colour and it’s so wearable! I go for this when my lips aren’t in great condition.
  • Seventeen Lip Lustre – Unfortunatley this one doesn’t have a shade, but it’s a gorgeous cherry red shade, perfect to brighten the complexion if you’re feeling a bit dull.

So, there we go! To be honest, I’m pretty proud to say that I think I carry half the amount of products that I did when I wrote my last post.

Let me know your top 3 products you keep in your makeup bag in the comments!

sshhbeauty x