Urban Decay Colour Corrector – Pink | Review

The idea of colour correcting has become so big recently – every brand seems to be bringing out whacky primer and concealer colours claiming to completely correct every pimple, dark spot and red patch – but I never really spotted a colour corrector that particularly interested me until Urban Decay released their new range of Colour Correcting Fluids. Continue reading “Urban Decay Colour Corrector – Pink | Review”

My Everyday Makeup Collection

As pretty much every post of mine is centred around the biggest love in my life, makeup, I thought it was only right to share my beauty stash with you! Continue reading “My Everyday Makeup Collection”

Products Worth the Save | Base Edition

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s halfway through the working week, which can only mean one thing… The weekend’s on its way!

As promised I’m back with my ‘products worth the save’ today (if you missed my ‘products worth the splurge’ last week, you can check that out here). However, instead of like my previous ‘products worth the save’ in which I included all of the affordable products I loved, I have so much to talk about this time round that I’m going to split it into base, eyes and lips. Continue reading “Products Worth the Save | Base Edition”

Should I really need to explain why I wear makeup…?

I’ve been adding to a draft on my reasons for wearing makeup for quite some time now, and never quite found the confidence to be able to post it.

However, last weekend my friend Milly from An Infinite Desire (which, by the way, you should definitely go and have a scroll through) wrote a post called ‘why I wear makeup’, and I found it so relatable that I thought I’d finally get round to uploading my own version. Continue reading “Should I really need to explain why I wear makeup…?”

Benefit BEAUTY SCORE! (plus swatches)

Hello again my lovelies! Hope your week is going as good as mine is so far. The sun always puts me in a better mood, and the weather today is better than ever!

In today’s post I’m going to be reviewing a limited edition kit from Benefit which I’ve owned for just over a year now: Beauty Score! Continue reading “Benefit BEAUTY SCORE! (plus swatches)”