Benebalm VS Posiebalm | Benefit

Seeing as spring is (finally!) here, I’m all too ready to crack out the brighter colours and quick beauty fixes. As I know that I’ll be using my two sheer Hydrating Lip Balms from Benefit a lot as the weather begins to heat up, I thought I’d review them for you guys today to possibly offer some spring-appropriate inspiration! Continue reading “Benebalm VS Posiebalm | Benefit”

Benefit Rockateur Blusher | Review

Benefit is just one of those brands that I can’t really say no to – I mean, it’s everything from the cute, bold packaging to the creative names, to the buzz that their products get online.

I’ve just been a Benefit fan for so long now, and the Boxed Powders are just some of my top picks from their gorgeous selection of products! Continue reading “Benefit Rockateur Blusher | Review”

Powder Blushers | Top 5

As someone who likes a higher coverage foundation on her cheeks to even out redness, there’s nothing like a dusting of blusher to avoid that ghostly pale look, and bring back some colour. Continue reading “Powder Blushers | Top 5”

Top Beauty Picks from October!

October has come and gone… Which, for me, means that we are well and truly in the swing of Autumn. Continue reading “Top Beauty Picks from October!”

‘Treat Yourself’ Beauty Splurge! | Part 1

As I’m sure that many of you have gathered by now, I’m rather partial to a spot of shopping… And throw some makeup into the equation and I’m pretty much unbearable. Love me a beauty spree! Continue reading “‘Treat Yourself’ Beauty Splurge! | Part 1”