My January Makeup Bag

I haven’t shared with you all the contents of my makeup bag for such a long time! I used to update this post quite often and keep you guys updated when the products changed, but I just haven’t done so in far too long so I thought I’d share my current stash with you. Continue reading “My January Makeup Bag”

2016 Beauty Favourites!

OnceĀ again, another year has crept up on me, and I still can’t quite believe that we’ll soon be saying goodbye to 2016!

Today I thought I’d share my top beauty discoveries of the year and talk you through just why I’ve enjoyed using these products so much. Continue reading “2016 Beauty Favourites!”

June Favourites | 2016

Despite the fact that the weather appears to have reversed and I’ve found myself drenched several times in the past few weeks, I’ve actually rather enjoyed June as a whole and am looking forward to the rest of summer!

I’ve got a small handful of beauty favourites from the past month and I thought I’d gather them together and share with you why I love them so much! Continue reading “June Favourites | 2016”

My Top 3 Eyeshadows! | Drugstore & High-end

Aside from a dab of concealer and the perfect lipstick, I do honestly believe that eyeshadow has the biggest ability to make the most noticeable difference to your makeup look. Continue reading “My Top 3 Eyeshadows! | Drugstore & High-end”

My Spring Beauty Essentials

Hi! Happy Saturday to you all!
I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend and that the sun’s made an appearance for you. Unfortunately I feel like winter’s crept back into the beautiful spring weather I was just getting used to! Continue reading “My Spring Beauty Essentials”