Sunny Spring/Summer Essentials

It’s got to that time of the year again where we are finally having some sunny weather and summer’s in sight (although don’t be fooled, I had to dash inside to escape the rain after taking these photos…)! Continue reading “Sunny Spring/Summer Essentials”

February Favourites | 2017

And a very merry March to you all! I simply cannot believe that February is already done and dusted! Time is just flying at the moment; I feel like I’m so busy that I can’t even pause to take a breath, and I just can’t get my head around the fact it’s already March!

Either way, I thought I’d accumulate the bits and pieces I’ve enjoyed using through February, so we can box off the month and say hello to spring (finally!). Continue reading “February Favourites | 2017”

My January Makeup Bag

I haven’t shared with you all the contents of my makeup bag for such a long time! I used to update this post quite often and keep you guys updated when the products changed, but I just haven’t done so in far too long so I thought I’d share my current stash with you. Continue reading “My January Makeup Bag”

2016 Beauty Favourites!

OnceĀ again, another year has crept up on me, and I still can’t quite believe that we’ll soon be saying goodbye to 2016!

Today I thought I’d share my top beauty discoveries of the year and talk you through just why I’ve enjoyed using these products so much. Continue reading “2016 Beauty Favourites!”

The Ultimate Christmas Party Scent | Prada Candy

Hello everyone!

The Christmas party season is suddenly upon us, and I thought I’d share with you all my ultimate scent to wear during the festivities. Continue reading “The Ultimate Christmas Party Scent | Prada Candy”