MAC Hush Cream Colour Base | Review

As I’m sure many of you have gathered by now, I’m an absolute advocate for highlighters. Anything shiny or shimmery I am totally drawn to like a magpie. I’m certainly a believer that the quest for the perfect sheen never truly ends!

As part of my ‘quest’ to find the one I picked up MAC’s Cream Colour Base in the shade Hush, which is something very different to what I usually go for – it’s a cream product, not a powder (can I get a *gasp*?) but I was really intrigued to try it, as I know it’s a favourite of Nic Chapman from Pixiwoo and her makeup always looks beautiful and glowy, so I simply had to give it a go.


Packaging & Price

I’m not a dedicated MAC user, so the packaging, although quint-essentially MAC’s trademark and something that any worshipper of the brand will drool over, doesn’t really knock me off my feet. It’s sturdy, good for travel and is quite cute and dinky. That’s about it, but it’s fit for purpose and good quality so I can’t complain!

The Cream Colour Bases are £18 each, and you can purchase them from John Lewis. Debenhams, House of Fraser and the MAC website just to name a few.



The product itself – colour & formula

The Cream Colour Bases from MAC have a stiff, creamy texture – they’re not quite as creamy as a lip balm; they’re more similar to a cream shadow in consistency if that makes sense! This means that you waste far less product than you would do if the product was lightly whipped and mousse-like, and also means that they last a little longer on the skin as they have a bit more stick to them.

Hush is a champagne glow with a peachy hue to it, making it ideal for spring/summer, as it gives you a beautiful healthy glow. I actually don’t wear blusher when I wear this highlighter as its colour does the job of both a highlighter and a blusher!

It’s not as obvious as other highlighters that I love such as the Mary-Lou Manizer or Nars’ Copacabana – it has a more natural glow to it which just makes your skin look effortlessly radiant and as if you have no makeup on at all. I personally reach for it on natural makeup days when I just want to look a little more polished, and I use my fingers to tap a little onto the tops of my cheekbones before powdering.

I think this shade would look beautiful on so many skin tones too!

Overall I’m slightly obsessed with this gorgeous highlighter at the moment, and it’s definitely one I’d recommend checking out if you feel like treating yourself.

I purchased mine from John Lewis!

What’s your favourite highlighter?

El x

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9 thoughts on “MAC Hush Cream Colour Base | Review

  1. This is actually the one highlighter that I think I could go try out! (I’m not the biggest fan of intense highlighters so I haven’t really jumped on the bandwagon for it yet.)

    I really like how natural the colour is, and you’re right, there’s not much need for blush with this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s such a pretty colour isn’t it! I like that Sleek palette too; it has some shades similar to Hush but just a little more sparkly I think! 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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