Rediscovering Old Favourites

I’m sure many of you will be able to relate when I say that looking at my beauty collection is like looking at the aftermath of a snowstorm in Boots. There’s makeup everywhere, blushers by my mascaras, lipsticks by my concealers, and all in all it’s a right old mess.

What ends up happening is that I come to remember the exact ‘places’ of the products I like to use on an everyday basis (or rather, where they’ve ending up after I’ve thrown them in the drawer in a hurry) and I don’t end up reaching for much else.

This has been getting to me for a while, so over the weekend I’ve tipped my makeup collection onto the floor and have been giving everything a good tidy out! In the process, I rediscovered some of my old holy grail products, so I thought I’d share with you all what I found and why I plan to start using them again.


Sleek Solstice Palette

I adored this when it first came out at some point last year – and when I say adore, I mean that I used to literally dip my face in it every morning! I think it just slowly made its way to the back of my drawer and I haven’t used it in ages, so I can’t wait to get using it again – especially now it’s spring! There’s nothing like a glow when the sun’s coming out!

Max Factor Crème Puff Blush

Remember these little guys?! They were amazing! I’m a blusher fiend as you guys know so I guess that new blushers came in and this little gem was pushed aside a wee bit. Either way I will definitely be starting to use this again, as I remember the shade (Nude Mauve) being so lovely and natural on the skin.

Nars Dual Intensity Palette

I barely used this when I bought it to be honest, and it makes me feel so guilty when I think about the price I paid for it! I think it looks overwhelming at first because of the brighter shades, but I’ll tell you what, that greeny-silver (bottom row, second from the left) is an absolutely gorgeous shade and it’s definitely one I’ve missed. I’m making it my aim to give this palette the love it deserves!

MAC Smokey Mauve Eyeshadow

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I’m sure you’ll remember me waffling on about this absolute beauty. I wore it to death, and I think it’ll always be one of my favourite shadows purely due to it’s intense shimmer – it looks almost wet on your lids! It’s so quick to use as well; just tap it all over the lids with your finger, blend the edges and you’re good to go.

L’Oréal Mafia Gloss

I also remember being besotted with this gloss too! The cream formula from L’Oréal is truly amazing and is quite possibly my favourite gloss formula EVER, and as a lipgloss lover that really is saying something. It’s a beautiful orangey pink, and the texture makes it plump your lips out and give you a moisturised, hydrated look. This is definitely one for spring/summer, so it’s going to get plenty of use very soon.

So those are my rediscoveries! I can’t wait to start giving them some much deserved love and attention. I’m loving my tidy and organised makeup stash too, so I’d highly recommend having a dig through yours and seeing what you might find!

When did you last tidy out your beauty stash?

El x

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10 thoughts on “Rediscovering Old Favourites

  1. I used to have a million different products, then I realized I wasn’t using 90% of them on a regular basis. Now my goal is to use everything up before I purchase a replacement, so my makeup all fits in one small bag. It’s so hard though, because I am DYING for a new eye shadow pallet. UGH!

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    1. Wow that’s a really brave goal! I could never trust myself to complete that – I salute you my lovely! 🙂 I suppose you could shove one more palette in there, surely…? xx


  2. The L’Oreal gloss sounds amazing! I think I’ll have to give that a try next 🙂 I’m so used to wearing lipstick or lip balm but never gloss.

    I think I did a beauty clean-out before New Year. I just threw out some products that I hadn’t used for years or products that I just didn’t like and wouldn’t use because it was bad!

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    1. Aw I love having a good tidy out! It’s so refreshing to look at a perfectly tidy makeup collection every morning! 🙂 And yes, this gloss is so gorgeous – I have a few shades from the range and the formula is really beautiful. Not sticky if that’s something that’d put you off with you being so used to lipstick & lipbalm xx


    1. Oh the formula is just fantastic! Possibly my favourite eyeshadow formula ever! This colour is by far the prettiest of the bunch, I’d highly recommend it xx

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