Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade | Review

Anastasia has very quickly become the brand of the moment – especially in the brows department! They were the first to bring out a successful brow gel/cream in a pot form, and since my brows have been less than perfect for a fair while now I thought I’d invest and see what all the fuss was about.

I’ve had this product for a little while now and thought I’d share my thoughts on it!


Price & Packaging

The product itself comes in really lovely packaging – a glass jar with a black screw-top lid, which I think is quite luxurious looking. There’s 4 grams in that little jar, but that’d last you for ages considering you only need to use the tiniest bit!

The Dipbrow costs £15 and I purchased mine from BeautyBay, but you can also purchase from Cult Beauty. I think the price is great considering Anastasia is a higher-end brand – especially if you look at the prices of Benefit’s new brow range *winces*.




I found choosing my shade really rather difficult, as here in the UK we can’t actually access Anastasia in any stores so I couldn’t swatch or test anything. I was struggling over whether to go with Ebony or Granite – I have quite dark hair with warm undertones, but my eyebrows have absolutely no warmth to them whatsoever and anything with an orangey hue is just not my cup of tea.
I finally bit the bullet and went for Granite, the darkest shade, and I’m really pleased that I went for this shade as it matches my brows perfectly! It’s an ashy-toned really dark brown; exactly what I was after.
My only tips for choosing your shade online is to look up swatches – there’s some brilliant blogs out there with top-quality swatches that’ll definitely help you make your decision!

Formula & Application


Application was the part I was most worried about when it came to this product. I’ve always been an eyebrow powder girl, so trying something creamy was totally new to me and I had some pretty terrifying thoughts of what my eyebrows might turn out like (sharpie brows ring a bell?). Because of this I also purchased the #12 brush from Anastasia along with the Dipbrow, as this brush kept popping up over and over again in tutorials with this product. This is a flipping lifesaver, honestly! It’s got a very fine angled brush on one side and a dense spooly on the other side. You really need a very thin brush to apply this product with, as a little goes such a long way, so this brush is absolutely perfect for that. The spooly is brilliant quality and softens any harshness you’ve created in the brows really easily.

The formula is quite creamy and wet, so if you were particularly worried about transfer you could always set it with a powder. I personally haven’t found the need to so that – I apply this and a quick coat of brow gel and I’m good to go, and my brows last all day long which is brilliant.

Overall I can’t say enough good things about this product! I have to say that the hype is well and truly worthwhile, and if you haven’t given this a go already I’d highly recommended you do. You can purchase it from BeautyBay or Cult Beauty!

How do you like your brows? What do you use to sculpt them out?

El x

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4 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade | Review

    1. I haven’t personally used the Brow Wiz before – but from my experience with the pomade it’s definitely not a necessity; you can achieve precision without the Wiz and just use this alone! 🙂
      In terms of difficulty, what do you use on your brows currently? It does take a little bit to get used to as it’s a creamier texture, but I’d say that if you get a really thin angled brush like the #12 it’s so much easier xx

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