Morphe 35T Eyeshadow Palette | Review

Morphe as a brand has blown up so quickly across the blogging world over the past 6 months or so, and after hearing raving review after review I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of their renowned eyeshadow palettes!

Since I received the 35T palette as a Christmas gift and have been using it religiously I thought I’d share my thoughts on it today with you!


Price & Packaging

I don’t know about you, but the actual look of the palette is rather expensive if you ask me! There’s definitely a high end feel to it; very simplistic and sleek, and I definitely didn’t expect the price to be just £21! That price for 35 shadows is really great!

The packaging doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as it looks though. It is quite flimsy and delicate and I doubt I’d travel with it for this reason. The click closure isn’t very sturdy either and you can open the palette by applying just the tiniest amount of pressure, so I can’t say that the packaging quality is brilliant, but the price is fantastic!



I really like the colour selection and shade range that the palette offers. There’s a mix of mattes and shimmers as well as cooler tones and warmer tones. You’ve got some rosy shades, some purples, bronzes, coppers, burgundies, the lot. There really is something for everyone here.


Swatches: Left to Right



The texture and consistency overall is pretty good throughout the palette. I will say that the metallic, shimmery shades are more creamy and more pigmented than the mattes, but on the whole the mattes are pretty good too and are really easy to blend. There’s the occasional matte shade that really doesn’t pick up but I find that these shades are the least exciting in the palette and ones I wouldn’t reach for often anyway!

The metallic shades are buttery and creamy and so pigmented; definitely matching up to the quality of brands such as Zoeva and Urban Decay, both of which I swear by! The longevity of the shadows is also brilliant – they do crease slightly, but nothing extreme and they don’t fade as the day goes on. They are also pretty transfer resistant too (tested by hugging people and looking at their shoulders…!).

Overall this palette has truly blown me away. It definitely lived up to my expectations after such positive online feedback and I’d recommend it to anyone! I can’t wait to extend my Morphe collection…

You can purchase the 35T from Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty. Don’t worry if it is out of stock – both sites have regular Morphe restocks.

Do you have any Morphe recommendations…?

El x

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12 thoughts on “Morphe 35T Eyeshadow Palette | Review

  1. I have done a blog post on this palette, my first and only morphe palette so far! Definitely going to invest in some more they are so worth it! Loving the look of the fall into frost palette, might have to be my next purchase! Love your blog! ❤

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    1. It’s my very first one! I’m definitely looking to expand my collection but they’re often out of stock! 😦 The shadows are just such gorgeous quality though 🙂 And thank you! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lovely! And yes, it’s one to look out for – they’re so popular stock is very hit and miss! Crossing my fingers you can get your hands on it, I’d highly recommend xx

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  2. I love this palette! It was the first one I bought about a year and a half a go….Now I’m on palette number 4 and have numerous single shadows. I actually prefer Morphe over some high end brands.

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