Beauty Haul & First Impressions!

I managed to do a whole lot of shopping over Christmas and New Year, so much so that I’ve managed to end up with a little stash of products that I want to share with you. I also thought that, seeing as I’ve used all of these products already (sorry, I have no patience!), I’d give you my first impressions too.


As you can see, I have quite a few things to share with you! One of these products is a Christmas gift and the others I purchased with my own money!

The first is the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette, which was the biggest mission to get my hands on, let me tell you! This palette was out of stock for a good three months or so and I only managed to get my hands on it recently! I’ve been absolutely loving it though – the shadows have a different texture to Urban Decay for example; they’re a little more powdery but also a little easier to blend in my opinion. There are 4 shimmer and 10 matte shades, and the range of colours is quite unique which is why I think it’s a great investment and worth waiting for!

I received the Morphe 35T Palette for Christmas and I have been truly loving this too! It’s much more affordable than the Anastasia at just £21 for 35 eyeshadows! I have been so impressed with the formula too – the metallic shades have the most amazing buttery texture and there’s just so much pigment, yet no fallout! Some of the shades stand out as having little pigment at all and being poor quality, but this is definitely in the minority. On the whole the consistency across the palette is brilliant and I can’t wait to extend my Morphe collection!


I then popped into Debenhams at the end of a very hectic and exhausting Boxing Day shopping trip, and I just couldn’t help myself but spend the last few pennies I had with me…

Firstly I purchased MAC’s Hush Cream Colour Base. I’ve found myself with so many highlighters and I really didn’t need another, but it’s a slightly different tone so I’m standing by my purchase! It’s much more peachy and the sheen isn’t chunky at all; it’s just a glow, so I thought this’d be great for more natural makeup. As much as I love my Mary Lou it is more obvious and visible that I’m wearing makeup when I use it, and as Hush is cream I thought it’d be a little more natural.

I then wandered over to Estee Lauder, and I never buy anything from this brand, but I couldn’t help falling in love with the Bronze Goddess bronzing powder and I ended up picking it up! I’ve heard so many amazing things about this and it’s much warmer and more red-toned than my other bronzers, so I thought it’d add something different to my stash. I love love love the consistency of it – it’s so easy to blend and work with! It isn’t overly pigmented but that gives you the freedom to build up the colour as much as you’re comfortable with, which is something I like as I’m so pale!

So those were my recent purchases! It’s fair to say I’ve spent plenty of money and need to avoid the shops for at least a few weeks (unlikely – I have no will power).

Have you bought anything recently?

El x

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