NEW: Real Techniques Mini Miracle Eraser Sponges | Review

Seeing as you guys seemed to enjoy my review on the new Real Techniques Diamond Sponge last week, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the Mini Miracle Eraser Sponges which are new editions to the more affordable RT range. Essentially, they’re smaller versions of the Miracle Complexion Sponge, and are designed for blending in smaller areas as well as clearing makeup mistakes! Here are my opinions…


Price & Packaging

How cute are they?!
I really like the purple colour of these little sponges (as you’ll know if you read my review on the Diamond Sponge the white colour of it was a big let-down) as they aren’t prone to staining but still hold a little excess product, which I personally find useful as you can see the type/colour and area of the sponge that already has some product on it.

I think that the price of £5.99 for two sponges is very reasonable, and I was happy to pay it! I personally purchased mine from Boots.


Shape & Application

I really like the size of this sponge. I know that Beauty Blender recently brought out some miniature sponges but they look way too small for me, and this RT one is significantly bigger but still small enough to blend in those hard-to-reach areas! I’ve been loving using it for concealer under my eyes and for on blemishes, because you can be really precise about where you’re blending (sometimes I’ll be using a bigger sponge and end up moving a lot of my undereye concealer onto my cheekbone because the sponge is just too big!
The flat tip that you can see on the image above is the perfect size for smoothing things out around the nose or for blending between the brows if you find bigger sponges just don’t fit there.

real techniques mini sponge

As you can see, when dampened the sponge just about doubles in size. I much prefer the finish achieved when the sponge is wet; it doesn’t pick up as much product and adds some moisture into the skin!


I’m not sure why but I was kind of surprised at how grubby this little sponge got!  I suppose that the Miracle Complexion Sponge doesn’t get as dirty as quickly because of it’s size (less of the sponge is touching lots of product), but because this one is smaller I do find that you need to wash it every 2-3 uses. I think that’s recommended anyway, but with the Miracle Complexion Sponge I can get 5 days out of it without seeing streak marks.
Despite needing to wash it more often, it’s an absolute doddle to get spotless – it takes minutes to wash all the product out and it doesn’t stain when you’re finished with it!

Overall I love these little sponges and would 100% recommend them to you guys! SO cute.

What do you think of these little sponges? Would you try them?

El x

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