Soap & Glory Matte Lipstick Review: Pommie Girl (replacement for Pom Pom)

Soap & Glory launched a new collection of lipsticks not too long ago, and as soon as I spotted the shade Pommie Girl from the matte line I knew that I simply had to try it! I love the warm raspberry tone of it and the formula is one of the best I’ve tried, so I thought I’d share it with you.


First thing’s first, I think that the packaging is so cute! It’s a sleek reflective pink bullet which feels substantially heavy, as well as having a strong click closure which will definitely keep it shut in your handbag.

Price-wise, the lipsticks cost £9 each which is a little bit more expensive than most other drugstore brands, but Soap & Glory is more on the high-end side of Boots and Superdrug.


In terms of colour, I’m slightly in love with it! I don’t think my skin tone really suits red lipsticks, but this kind of deep berry pink is definitely more my cup of tea. It warms up the face and brightens the complexion.

I don’t think I have found anything quite like this from the drugstore in terms of formula! It’s marketed as a matte finish, so I was slightly worried that it’d be drying, but it’s actually surprisingly creamy and hydrating; it glides onto the lips with a strong opaque colour. Although it looks matte there’s definitely some moisture there because I wore this for a solid 5 hours a couple of days ago and my lips didn’t start craving lip balm once.

The longevity is the part really impresses me! This lipstick just lasts and lasts! It stays full colour for at least 2 1/2 hours before slowly fading evenly without patching off anywhere. As I said, it’s a great moisturising matte formula and my lips don’t feel dry or zapped of hydration when I wear it!

I would honestly compare the formula to that of Tom Ford matte lipsticks (which you’d pay £30 more for!), something that I thought was exclusive to this luxury brand and I wouldn’t be able to dupe elsewhere. If you’re looking to invest in a Tom Ford matte lip colour do check out these Soap & Glory ones first; they’re brilliant!

soap & glory matte lipstick.jpg

So those are my thoughts! Overall I will definitely be looking into buying more of Soap & Glory’s lipstick offerings because I am rather smitten with this one.

Pick up your own from Boots.

Do you like matte formulas or do you prefer creamy lipsticks?

El x

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