The Makeup Products you NEED this Spring

I would have to say, spring might just be my favourite season. I mean, things are looking up, right? The days are getting longer, the temperature is slowly creeping out of the freezing zone and I’ve actually seen the sun a couple of times in the last few weeks.

During the chilly months I live in berry lips and smoky eyes, but when spring starts to come along I like to switch things up a bit to make everything a little more season-appropriate!

Here are my spring essentials of the makeup variety. I hope you like them too!



Base wise, I’m simply obsessed with The Balm’s gorgeous Lou-Manizers at the minute. I bought Mary back in November, and purchased Cindy very recently which you’ll know if you read my haul post last week! As I have extremely dry skin (something you’ve probably heard a million times if you’re a common reader of my posts!) I love anything that gives me a subtle glow, and these products do just that.
Mary is more of a champagne highlighter that is pretty darn intense (beware, ladies), and Cindy is a peachy colour which I would use on my cheeks and then up onto the temples as a kind of blusher-bronzer hybrid.

I reviewed Mary HERE and will be swatching and sharing my thoughts on Cindy soon!

Although I adore the Maybelline Colour Tattoos all year round, I am an especially fanatic fan of them through spring/summer – they are just too quick and easy to use! I’m always using On and On Bronze, so there’s nothing new there, but I also love Crème de Rose at the minute. It evens out my lids and adds a slight rosy glow.
I also wanted to mention the NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette which was again featured in my recent haul! I decided to include this product in my spring essentials post because I love the pops of colour with the blue, silver/green and burgundy. I can’t wait to wear that navy smudged under my eye!

And finally, lips. Two lipsticks: MAC’s Syrup (gorgeous sheer pink with a purple undertone) and Peach Passion from YSL (a classic, glossy peach which brightens the face instantly). I also chose a lipgloss – this is L’Oréal’s Mafia Gloss, and it’s flipping beautiful! If you want to know more about the formula I will be posting a review very soon, but the colour is truly gorgeous.
I love all of these lip products for their ability to lift the complexion and brighten everything up!

So, tell me… What are your spring makeup essentials?

El xx

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