My Top 3 Eyeshadows! | Drugstore & High-end

Aside from a dab of concealer and the perfect lipstick, I do honestly believe that eyeshadow has the biggest ability to make the most noticeable difference to your makeup look.

I probably own more eyeshadows than any other beauty product (seriously, my collection looks like a shelf in Boots! Oops) and over the years that I’ve been a makeup addict my love for the art of eyeshadow has just grown and grown.

However, as I’m sure you can imagine, wading through my collection to pick out my favourites is quite a task, but I was determined to do it and I thought I’d share my top three single shadows with you today!

maybelline colour tattoo on and on bronze
Maybelline: Colour Tattoo // ‘On and On Bronze’

I guess I’ll start with the only creamy shadow in this top three, because generally we apply this first, right?
I know that I’m not the only beauty blogger to adore the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, but On and On Bronze just had to be in here because I get so much wear out of it!

In my opinion it’s that ‘perfect’ bronze – some are ash, some are orange, but this one is just right (I sound like Goldilocks haha). Every time I use my original Naked palette – which must be at least twice a week – this goes on as a base first and it pairs beautifully with Sidecar and Smog. I used it in an EOTD this way here!

It’s really easy to apply (I just use my finger and smudge it onto my lids) and then go ahead and use other shadows on top – or just leave it alone; the effect is also gorgeous like this.
It’s not totally crease-proof but I won’t hold that against it, as formulating a cream eyeshadow on a budget must be a task and a half, I should imagine.

bobbi brown cement sparkle
Bobbi Brown: Sparkle Eyeshadow // ‘Cement’

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves Bobbi Brown’s Cement Sparkle either, but once again I use it too much to not mention it!

*I will mention that I’ve had this eyeshadow for at least 6 months and they have recently changed the packaging slightly. It’s the same product (I’ve checked) but the compact looks like this instead*

As I love fresh, dewy skin, I find that simple glitter on the lids compliments this so beautifully. Although I tend not to wear this alone, and instead like to press a touch on top of any other eyeshadow I happen to be wearing, it’s still one of those compacts that I can reach for if I’m in a rush and just need something quick!

I reviewed this particular eyeshadow right here!

mac smokey mauve
MAC: Extra Dimension Eyeshadow // ‘Smokey Mauve’

Although this wasn’t really in any particular order, I do think that we’ve left the best ’till last: MAC’s Smokey Mauve. Since purchasing this back in the summer it’s probably become my most worn eyeshadow EVER.

I’d never really ventured into using this sort of purple tone on my eyes but from swatching it at the counter I knew that I simply had to have it! Although it doesn’t appear to have visible chunky glitter like the Bobbi Brown one, it still manages to give that almost wet-look and just enhances the eyes beautifully, really freshening your complexion.

I just pop a transition shade in the crease and pack it all over the mobile lid with my fingertip – sometimes over On and On Bronze – and it’s just my favourite ever shadow!

I reviewed and swatched this here!


mac eyeshadow swatches
Left to Right: Maybelline: On and On Bronze // Bobbi Brown: Cement // MAC: Smokey Mauve

So, what’s your favourite eyeshadow? Let me know… Another few won’t hurt!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend & have a lovely, smile-filled week beautiful!

El x

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